What The Bible Teaches About Money

BibleThere are many references to wealth in the Bible which need to be read in the context of their time. Careful consideration will help in applying the principles to modern life.

Being a Christian does not guarantee wealth or freedom from financial worries. Rather, money is shown to be a gift from God but accompanied by responsibility towards those in need.

The Bible teaches that the pursuit of wealth can lead to poor attitudes towards family, friends and business associates, for example. People may be drawn into dishonest actions and crime as they harden their hearts towards the needs of others and try to get rich at their expense. It is also clear that people who have the pursuit of money as a life goal and who, in effect, worship it, may forfeit their soul.

Both Old and New Testaments are clear that dishonesty of any kind is wrong and leads to separation from God. Rather, the Bible advocates living in an honest way in both the small and the big things of life. Whether that be paying your tax return, refusing to buy counterfeit goods or not taking advantage of the vulnerable, these actions, the Bible says, lead to a treasure store in heaven.

The wealthy may sometimes feel they are in special favour with God. Conversely, poverty is seen by some as a punishment for sin. But in the parable of the beggar Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus showed that Lazarus was the one who reached heaven.