What Bible Prophecies Have Been True?

BibleThe Bible contains around 2500 prophecies. To date, approximately 2000 have proved to be completely true. The rules of probability indicate that the events which have been prophesied and subsequently occurred, are extremely unlikely to have happened simply by chance.

Throughout the Old Testament, different prophets predict important events in Jewish history, like the fall of Babylon (predicted by Isaiah and Jeremiah) and the conquering and enslavement of the Jewish nation (predicted by Moses and Jeremiah). There are also many references – including from Jesus himself – to the fact that the Jews will be scattered throughout the world but will eventually have their own nation again: a prophesy which came true in the 20th century.

The Old Testament is full of prophecies about the life and ministry of Jesus, though he is referred to as the Messiah. The prophet Daniel foretold exactly the year in which Jesus would begin his public ministry, despite his writing 500 years before Jesus’ birth.

Micah correctly predicted the place of Jesus (the Messiah)’s birth as being Bethlehem. Zechariah told how Jesus would be betrayed for thirty pieces of silver and that this money would be used to buy ground for future burials. Both New Testament writers and historians confirms these facts.

Zechariah and King David both gave descriptions of Jesus’ death, including culturally unusual aspects of his crucifixion (unknown in their time), such as His body being pierced. These predictions were made at least 400 years before the event, which was recorded by historians.