Prophecies Still to be Fulfilled Before Jesus’ Return

BibleJesus prophesied events that would mark the time of his return, which He said would be within one generation of their happening. Many commentators believe that some of the events have already happened, and that conditions created in our modern world mean that others will be fulfilled soon.

A Jewish homeland, prophesied in the Bible and noted to be a focus for military and political upheaval, has been established, though complex physical changes, such as the splitting of the Mount of Olives, are still awaited.  The Bible predicts Jewish rule over the whole city of Jerusalem, an situation which has not been achieved. In our time, conflict between Israel and neighbouring countries are ongoing though peaceful resolution is constantly being sought.

The Book of Daniel gives details of a conflict between a king of the North and King of the South. Many see recent geopolitical changes in Europe and the middle East as foreshadowing  a coming conflict which would fulfill this prophesy.

Hosea prophesies an end time destruction of nations following the rise to ascendancy of Israelite (Jewish) nations over, for example, the United States and Britain. This has not yet been fulfilled.

Jesus, in words recorded in Matthew’s, Mark’s and Luke’s gospels, speaks of increasing disasters bringing fear to the world. While the spread of technological communication has made us more aware of worldwide catastrophes, events prophesied in Revelation 11, when the world will be able to see the fate of God’s two final witnesses, have not yet happened.