Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Sigmund

lifeFour of the most influential people who have lived are Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and Sigmund Freud. Three were the founders of major world religions and the fourth was an atheist.

Whilst all four were born to human parents, Jesus is regarded by Christians as the son of God and was born by divine conception in Bethlehem. Sigmund, Buddha and Mohammed were born in the current Czech Republic,  Northern India and Mecca respectively.

Sigmund trained as a doctor of neurology and was married with six children. Buddha also had a wife and a child who he abandoned to go searching for the greater truths of life. Mohammed had eleven wives, while  Jesus remained unmarried with no children.

As the Son of God, Jesus always knew what his role on earth would be. Sigmund believed in the Theory of Evolution and became a Humanist. Buddha and Mohammed found their turning points in different ways: Buddha through Four Sights – or meeting four different people who influenced him, and Mohammed through Insights he received during a mountain retreat.

Sigmund introduced the world to Psychology especially psychoanalysis. Buddha taught that we should learn to deal with our problems through first learning about ourselves. Mohammed taught there was one God and he claimed to be the last prophet. Jesus reconciled people to God through belief in Himself.

Jesus was crucified aged 33, Sigmund died from cancer in London, aged 83, Mohammed was poisoned and died aged 63 while Buddha is said to have died at 80.