What Does the Bible Really Teach

BibleWe live today surrounded by bad news stories: wars, famines, floods, terrorism, the list seems endless. And apart from these global problems, we all have bad news stories of our own as we, members of our family and friends suffer illness, bereavement, unemployment or relationship troubles.

It is all too easy to get despondent about life and feel that there’s no hope. Even the Bible contains stories of people who faced great misery, for example, Job. But a close look at the Bible shows us that endless misery is not what God intends for us and that there is hope for our future. As it says in Revelation, 21:4: “He’ll wipe out every tear from [their] eyes, death will be no more, neither pain nor outcry nor  be anymore.”

A guided reading of the Bible will show how God has clearly promised to make quotes like these come true. It will answer the questions you have about life such as why suffering occurs, how we should cope with day to day worries and how we can know that God will keep His promises.

You can get annotated Bibles from organisations such as Jehovah’s Witnesses which pose questions alongside the text so you know where to look to find the answer right away. This method of reading, using questions and answers will really get you thinking and help provoke discussion with other followers.

Regular, informed reading of your Bible will restore hope, giving you a fuller life.